🥰 Bridging the Gap: Recognizing Patrons and Providing Scholarships

Individual Patrons

The following individuals generously contributed personal funds to support the conference:

  • Matt Lebrun
  • Zorex Salvo
  • Joel Aldor
  • Carl Viñas
  • Robert Waltson
  • Andresito de Guzman
  • Marco Mosna
  • Micaela Reyes
  • Freilla Mae Espinola
  • Nap Joseph Calub
  • Patrick David Broqueza
  • Marc Anthony San Juan
  • Felix Oliver Zuñiga
  • Jessica Apostol
  • KwonHan Bae
  • Anton Raphael Orpilla
  • Anabella Sevilla
  • Takayuki Shimizukawa
  • Angelica Lapastora
  • Brian Luza
  • Joshua Paolo Acilo
  • Jed Uñalivia

Corporate Patrons

The following companies/individuals bought corporate tickets to support the conference.

  • CodeHappy
  • Hygraph
  • The Golden Legacy Financing Corporation
  • Reiz.tech
  • Canam Group Inc.
  • Keith Bennett
  • Nathan Russ
  • Bennett Business Solutions, Inc.
  • Avant People
  • Profesor Torsen Calvi Corporation
  • SACO Software and Consulting GmbH
  • Pioneer Square Brands Technology Services, Inc.
  • Manivannan Selvaraj
  • No Starch Press
  • BillEase
  • devbits.ph
  • TotalRewards Software
  • FactSet Philippines
  • Thinking Machines Data Science Inc.
  • GCash / Globe Fintech Innovations Inc. (Mynt)
  • Philippine Space Agency
  • Computer Professionals Union
  • Innovato Information Technology Solutions
  • Webslice
  • Salmon
  • Norg

Your contributions enable us to 'Bridge the Gap' 🤝

The funds raised help provide Scholarship Tickets, making the conference accessible to all.


🎓 Scholarship Tickets:

Despite our best efforts, we acknowledge that ticket costs may remain a barrier for some. To foster inclusivity, we offer scholarship tickets and financial aid primarily to speakers, major contributors, and underrepresented groups, but it's open to all applicants.

Our deepest gratitude goes to every patron for your support! ❤️

🤝 Become a Patron at PyCon PH 2024!

Support us by securing a Corporate Ticket or opting for Individual Patron Sponsorship.