Talks, Workshops & Panel Sessions


Note: The list of talks, workshops and speakers is a work in progress. Kindly check regularly for updates and additions.


  • Keynote 1: Simulating Disaster Relief Distribution and Transport Network Efficiency During Typhoons by Reina Reyes and JC Peralta (Data Science/Analysis/Engineering)
  • Keynote 2: The State of Python in 2024 by Michael Kennedy
  • Keynote 3: AI & Programmers: Partners or Rivals? by Matt Harrison (Personal & Professional Development)


  • Bite that future: Build your career and immerse yourself with the community by Athena Abe (Community)
  • Exploring Python for Decentralized Apps: An Introduction to Blockchain and DApp Development by Marc Jerome Tulali (Blockchain)
  • More Energy Mas Happy: Python to find and explore energy sources by Luis Caezar Ian Panganiban (Data Science/Analysis/Engineering)
  • Python Productivity Cookbook: Automate Your Life, Master Time, and Boost Your Finances by Neil Riego (Fun)
  • How does Python get the length with the len() function? by Takayuki Shimizukawa (Core Python for Beginner)
  • How Python and AI Propel the Philippine Space Agency by Lois Anne Leal (Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)
  • Gardening Python Community - Local User Group to Regional PyCon by KwonHan Bae (Community)
  • Python for QKD: National Security Using Quantum Key Distribution by Swastik Anupam (Quantum Computing and Cyber Security)
  • On Monte Carlo simulations and the statistics of love by Albert Yumol (Fun, Data Science)
  • A Python Journey: Code, Career, and Changes by Anthony Fox (Personal & Professional Development)

Intermediate to Advanced

  • Monoliths strikes back: The Resurgence of Django and Monolithic Frameworks in Modern Development by Kyle Shaun Aquino (Platform/Framework/Architecture)
  • Site Reliability Engineering: A python developer's perspective! by Paul de Paula (Backend/DevOps)
  • Insights into Cost Effective Observability for startups without APMs - A Case Study by Prashanth Raghu (Platform/Framework/Architecture)
  • Hacking with Words: Exploiting Vulnerabilities in LLMs by Aniruddha Adhikary (Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)
  • Developer Experience: How BillEase balances speed, quality, and usability of Python microservices by Alexandre Gerona (Platform/Framework/Architecture)
  • Building a Scalable Network Service Assurance System with Microservices, Python, and ELK Stack by Randy Dizon (Platform/Framework/Architecture)
  • Securing AI applications by building our own LLM Vulnerability Scanner in Python by Joshua Arvin and Sophie Soliven (Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)
  • Predicting Malnutrition with AI by Fidel Ivan Racines (Data Science, Health, ML & AI)
  • Integrating Rust with Python: A Guide to Module Development by John Patrick Laurel (Core Python)
  • PySecure: Your Security One-Stop-Shop using Python by Anton Raphael Orpilla (Security)
  • Mapping Made Easy: Map Layouting using PyQGIS by Noel Jerome Borlongan (Data Science)
  • Rapid Prototyping an AI Project using Colab and Streamlit by Mona Obedoza (AI/ML)
  • Enhance your Python application observability with OpenTelemetry by Yoshi Yamaguchi (Devops)


  • Internals of Cpython by Prashanth Raghu (Advanced & Core Python)
  • Making a visual novel with Ren'py by Sony Valdez (Game Programming)
  • Automate Your QA: Workshop on Behave (a BDD) by Lex Bryan Bangot (Testing)

Panel Session

  • Python in APAC: Addressing Industry Challenges through Community Collaboration
    • We bring a unique panel discussion featuring PyCon organizers and key industry representatives. This session aims to highlight the dynamic relationship between the Python community and the industry in the Asia-Pacific region, focusing on collaborative efforts to tackle real-world challenges. Through a series of engaging discussions, our panelists will shed light on how Python-driven initiatives have propelled industry advancements and how future collaborations can be shaped for mutual benefit.
    • hosted by: Ivy Fung of PyCon MY
    • panelists:
      • 2 PyCon Organizers from APAC Region:
        • Matt Lebrun of PythonPH
        • Iqbal Abdullah of PyCon JP
      • 2 Industry/Company Representatives:
        • Jasper Sibayan, Developer at BillEase
        • Jan Aaron Angelo Lee, CTO of Swarm