The spirit of volunteerism -- giving back and "paying it forward" -- is what makes PyCon distinctly inspiring! A few dedicated individuals can spark significant change.

PyCon Philippines is fueled by passionate volunteers, each bringing their unique interests and skills, all united by their love for Python.

While we don't compensate our volunteers monetarily, the rewards are abundant: unforgettable memories, lasting friendships, and the fulfillment of contributing to a greater cause.

We'd like to thank and recognize these people for stepping up to bring you PyCon Philippines 2024:

Conference Chair:

Zorex Salvo is the PyCon PH 2024 conference chair🪑 and the main person in charge. He’s responsible for setting the budget; monitoring expenses; and general oversight of all other committees. He works together with the PythonPH Board of Trustees to sort-out stuff behind the scenes. You can email him at [email protected]

Committee Leads and Members


They are the ones who make sure everything runs smoothly so that attendees can focus on getting the most out of the conference.

Lead: Micaela Reyes


  • Alysson Alvaran
  • Matt Lebrun
  • Zorex Salvo


The emcees are the hosts who bring the conference to life. They kick things off by introducing speakers with flair, giving a shoutout to sponsors and partners to show appreciation, and keeping the crowd pumped with entertaining games.

Lead: Will Vincent Parrone


  • Vanessa Althea Bermudez
  • Novelle Lyn Estrella
  • Aida Delos Reyes
  • Lee Mark Chavez
  • Jashlein Leanne T. Marquez
  • Alysson Alvaran

Program and CFP Review:

The program team is like the architects of the conference agenda, responsible for crafting an engaging and informative experience for attendees.

Lead: Ben Iglesia


  • Koti Vellanki
  • Neriah BJ Ato
  • Jaypax Ginete
  • Romar Mayer Micabalo
  • Zorex Salvo


The design team is responsible for creating visual assets, designing user interfaces, set design, branding consistency, print production, and accessibility considerations for the conference.

Lead: Alex Reyes


  • Muriell Maza
  • Jericho Del Rosario
  • Felise Jann Sanchez


The sponsorship committee secures financial support and partnerships, negotiates sponsorship deals, manages sponsor relationships, and ensures sponsor benefits are fulfilled for the conference.

They are also the brains behind the Stamp-Collection Quest.

Lead: Angelica Lapastora


  • Aira Joan Alonzo
  • Jericho Peñaflor
  • Jashlein Leanne T. Marquez
  • Micaela Reyes


The marketing committee oversees promotional strategies, manages social media channels, creates marketing materials, and monitors campaign performance for the conference.

Lead: Lalaine Lery Diok


  • Angeline Jores
  • Ara May Merino
  • Michelle Jane Francesca Nava
  • Luke Mark Leona

Security and COC

The Code of Conduct workgroup is responsible for drafting, enforcing, and communicating the conference's code of conduct, handling reports of misconduct, providing support to attendees, and ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.

Lead: Sony Valdez


  • Ariel Conde
  • Dima Dinama
  • Iqbal Abdullah
  • Will Vincent Parrone


The documentation team are in charge of the video coverage, photography, blog posts, and the Play-by-Play social media posts for PyCon PH 2024.

Lead: Janine Bagares


  • Kyle Brodit
  • Joshua Kyle Beltran
  • Joshua Prisco

Helpdesk & Feedback (PyGabay App)

The Helpdesk and Feedback committee oversees the PyGabay App, the official conference app. It provides access to ongoing talks, facilitates sli.do Q&A sessions, and manages feedback collection, ensuring attendees have a seamless and interactive experience.

Lead: Jabez Emmanuel Borja


  • Harold Martin Patacsil


The Registration team manages attendee registrations, handles check-ins, distributes IDs, swags, and assists with any registration-related inquiries or issues, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for participants at the conference.

Lead: Cyrus Mante


  • John Phillip Emmanuel Casingal
  • Angelo Joe Delos Santos
  • John Ruel Carreos
  • David Q. Orense III


The stagehand team are responsible for helping speakers with technical setup, provide water bottles and other needs. He and his team will be on standby in case something goes wrong on-stage and will see through the needs of the speakers and audience.

Lead: Von Louie Cruto


  • Mark Macaraeg
  • Dan Belza
  • Christian Joseph Zamora
  • Rodney Lei Estrada


The swags team are in charge of sourcing and distributing swag items.

Lead: Christian Joseph Zamora


  • Rodney Lei Estrada

Ticketing and Receipts

The ticketing and receipts team oversees the recording of ticket sales, preparation of official receipts and distribution of financial aid.

Lead: Ciara Bautista


  • Carl John Viñas
  • Jim Barcos

Discord and Newsletters

The Discord and Newsletter Committee oversees the management of the conference Discord server, fostering community engagement and communication among attendees. Additionally, they are responsible for curating and distributing regular newsletters to provide updates, announcements, and important information to conference participants, ensuring effective communication and community building before, during, and after the event.

  • Carl John Viñas
  • Nino Eclarin


The Website Committee is tasked with developing and maintaining the conference website. They ensure the site is user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing, providing essential details about the event, such as schedules, speakers, registration information, and FAQs. Additionally, they oversee updates and improvements to keep the website current and reflective of the conference's goals and branding.

Lead: Zorex Salvo


  • Dan Belza
  • Mark Estopace

Concierge and Cultural Ambassadors

The Concierge and Cultural Ambassadors Committee serves as guides and hosts for conference attendees, offering assistance, recommendations, and information about local attractions and cultural experiences. They aim to enhance the overall conference experience by providing personalized support and facilitating cultural immersion opportunities for participants.

  • Freilla Mae Espinola
  • Koti Vellanki
  • Matt Lebrun