❤️ Why Sponsor PyCon PH?


Fun Engagement Opportunities: Stamp Collection Quest with Philippine-Travel Flair

This year, we introduce the "Stamp Collection Quest" – an interactive activity aimed at increasing participant engagement. The quest encourages attendees to visit various parts of our event, including sponsor booths, and offers an experience infused with elements of Philippine culture. This activity is designed to enhance sponsor visibility and foster engaging interactions.

Why sponsor PyCon PH?

Connect with a Targeted and Engaged Audience of Python Developers

PyCon PH attracts Python enthusiasts from the Philippines and abroad. With a goal of 350 - 500 attendees this year, your sponsorship will highlight your brand, job openings, and services to a dedicated audience.

Why sponsor PyCon PH?

Showcase Your Brand to the Python Community

PythonPH is a community platform that provides high quality content and global experience.

Your sponsorship allows you to showcase your brand and offerings to a diverse range of Python skill levels.

Why sponsor PyCon PH?

Support and Give Back to the Philippine Tech Community

Your sponsorship supports the development of the Python community and represents an investment in the technological future of the Philippines and its talent pool. It also helps us sustain our efforts in fostering environments that cultivate and nurture talent.

Enhancing Community Sponsorship Value

We understand the importance of aligning with our sponsors’ goals while staying true to our open-source and community-focused ethos. We offer sponsorship opportunities that are meaningful and impactful, ensuring a balance between visibility for our sponsors and our commitment to knowledge sharing, community-driven initiatives, economic empowerment, and addressing social disparities.

Join Us on This Journey

If your organization is interested in engaging with the Python community, we welcome you to explore sponsorship opportunities with us. Collaborate with us for PyCon PH 2024, aiming to be a significant event in technological development and community engagement.

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Find out more about PyCon PH 2024 sponsorship at https://tinyurl.com/Sponsors-PyConPH2024

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For any inquiries about sponsoring PyCon PH and PythonPH, please reach out at [email protected]

Sponsorship Deadline: Jan 31, 2024

Note: Please be aware that sponsorship slots are limited per tier, so we encourage early engagement to secure your preferred level of participation.